The goal for carriers is to deliver cargo on time and without damage to meet our customer needs and
expectations. As we experience in our business, shipments may become damaged or even lost in transit. While
US law provides some remedies for basic levels of cargo losses, certain exceptions will apply that can greatly limit
or even absolve motor carriers from liability.

Most LTL carriers provide a level of “carrier liability” per shipment. However, their respective tariffs significantly
limit this liability. Based on the claim experience of the GlobalTranz Claim Team, the average resolution for
carrier liability is 40% of the actual value of the damaged goods and over 35% of those claims are denied
outright by carriers for payment. This is not insurance, nor does it truly protect your customer.

All truckload carriers within the GlobalTranz network are required to maintain a minimum of $100,000 in cargo
liability insurance. Their respective adjusters may and can easily deny coverage due to the terms of the policy
and the many restrictions that are common within the policy are written on behalf of the motor carrier, not the

To assist with these industry challenges and satisfy your customer needs, GlobalTranz has partnered with Cargo
Shield through Roanoke Underwriting to offer global first-party All-Risk shipper’s interest insurance as our
solution to standardize cargo insurance.


Carrier Liability

X Pays only for proven legal liability
X Carrier only accepts liability based on NMFC
X Carrier may elect to decline cargo claim, citing
no fault on its part
X Claims resolution typically 90 days or more


Cargo Shield All-Risk Insurance

First party All-Risk Insurance
Complete protection to replace full value of
shipment, including freight charges
No Deductible for any insured value of
$10,000 or less1
Claims resolution typically 30 days or less

All-Risk Insurance Benefits

Full Cargo Value Coverage
Provides the broadest coverage available based
on the declared invoice value of the freight, not
the tariff of the carrier.

Faster Claims Processing
The claimant works directly with claim adjusters
to quickly settle their claims in 30 days or less
from notice.

Better Experience
Provides “peace of mind” in the event of a
claim, and prompt payment to the customer.

All-risk coverage is incredibly economical for
the protection and peace-of-mind offered.

1) Effective 06/05/2019, a 5% or less deductible applies to all shipments above $10,000. Other Exclusions may apply.
2) Please make sure to review restricted/excluded commodity list for shipment specific exclusions.